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Min Jeong Lee is the designer of MAKE:D Bags, a label she founded in 2013. She is based in  Seoul  City where she creates her minimalistic and aesthetically pure handbags. 


​Make:D Bags are inspired by the designer's hope that everyone will " Catch their Dreams / Make a Dream " and be happy. Min Jeong Lee - MAKE:D’s designer - was majored in ceramic design during her studies. So, her bags are designed with the idea of a vase, as if the bags were vases, containing dreams like vases hold flowers.  ​Every bag uses environmentally-conscious materials and the brand pursues ethical and sustainable methods in every process. ​MAKE:D launched vegan products using Cactus leather.​ 

"GGUM" means "DREAM" in Korean. Also, the word 'ggumim' is a Korean word for decoration. Moreover holding the steering wheel means catching a dream. ​

Clutching a MAKE : D Bag, is like Catching Dreams...changing handles will lead to different dreams...different different moods, different places - shoulder, arm, waist - to different future...


Min Jeong Lee


M.: +82.2.909.2013


2nd floor, 12 Jongam-ro 30-gil (Jongam-dong), Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 02797


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